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Our Clinical and medical team is diverse and experienced. We focus on specialty populations and ensure that our clinical and medical team is well equipped and trained to serve kids to their utmost ability. Over 90% of our clinical therapists have worked as line staff and all of our supervisors have more than 3-5 years experience on the floor. We pride ourselves on very strong communications, clinical interventions and positive outcomes.

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Cottonwood Treatment Center is a therapeutic and educational residential treatment facility dedicated to the premise that our youth need not remain disenfranchised due to behavioral challenges and other life situations which keep them from thriving in society. Cottonwood is committed to providing a setting which also offers therapeutic processes which go beyond the typical therapy. Cottonwood provides individualized services for three specialized populations.

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The history of
Cottonwood    Treatment Center

Cottonwood Treatment Center (CTC) is a secure psychiatric residential treatment facility with 82 beds. Since 2005, our team has been successfully treating adolescents and young adults from across the United States and Canada. Our extraordinary level of commitment, personalized care, expertise and compassion can break through negative patterns that are causing pain to you and/or your family members. We know and believe that you and your family can emerge stronger and healthier despite the extra challenges of coping with a complex array of behavioral, developmental and psychiatric problems.

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